I am a 27 year old abstract expressionist currently residing in the Hattiesburg, MS area. I have a three year old son named Myles that is not only my world, some might call him my muse. For most of my life, I never painted because I thought I would be no good at it. I spent a long time trying to figure why, despite being successful by most standards, I was still unhappy. Once I discovered that pursuing my creative passions is what would bring me true happiness, I gave up all the things that I was led to believe would bring me the most joy in life to chase and catch the dream of making a career out of Art. One of my main motivations for creating is to inspire someone like the old me that doesn’t think they are creative or that they are incapable of making cool things. Anything you set out to do is possible so long as you truly believe you can do it!

I draw inspiration from the visual experience our beautiful world provides and heavily implement natural forces such as gravity and wind in my work. I attempt to convey my interpretation of the energies I experience all around me onto the canvas for you to experience. Vivid color, depth and the use of three dimensional objects and scenes are presented on a traditionally two dimensional workspace. . I have never experienced anything as beautiful and fulfilling as creating art. Showing my other side, ALL sides, to the world has been an incredible journey for me. I hope that while viewing my art you’re able to see that vulnerability, depth and beauty that live and lie in our world and in every one of us.